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Phoenix Service Center
1444 West Auto Drive
Tempe, AZ
(30,202 SF)

Enterprise requirement was to purchase a 20,000sf office building, which had parking for 400 rental cars. Location was key due to the fact that Enterprise would be servicing the entire metropolitan area.

A complete survey of the market was performed. The transaction team determined that the best type of building to meet the client objective was most likely going to be a vacant automotive dealership. All available dealerships were considered. The Tempe Autoplex was determined to be an excellent site due to it being centrally located.

Market research located a vacant dealership that was located on 10.2 acres (an excess of 400 parking spaces) with a 16,950sf showroom/office building and a 13,252sf service building with 10 bays and lifts. Enterprise modified the showroom to be all office space. It is utilizing the service building to keep its rental cars maintained and clean. This property ultimately was even a better fit than the original specifications called out for due to the features the service building afforded them.

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