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Corporate Headquarters
2600 N. Central Ave. Suite 700
Phoenix, AZ
(17,150 SF)

Eschelon Telecom had outgrown its SW regional headquarters and wanted to consolidate its administration and sales operation into one office building with the company's telecommunications switch that was housed at a separate location. Due to the highly technical nature of operating a telecommunications hub and switch, any proposed building needed redundant and back up power, fiber optics and newer separately programmable excess HVAC capacity coupled with a high level of security.

As for noted, this assignment was not an easy task to under take. An in depth market search and analysis was initiated and after reviewing over 20 candidates the issuance of RFPs to 3 finalist commenced. Doug and Rick commenced discussions with the 2600 Tower, which had under gone a complete restoration for the accommodation of Telecom companies at the height of the .com boom. An exceptional transaction was successfully negotiated that allowed Eschelon to consolidate their operations into a full floor, resulting in a yearly savings in excess of 20% on occupancy costs, including a full build-out and moving expense at Landlord's cost.

Additional Assignments
With the exceptional outcome for Eschelon's Phoenix operations, Doug and Rick where asked to take on a similar assignment for their Salt Lake operations. The situation was the same as in Phoenix. Several different locations and a telecommunications switched where to be consolidated into one location. Again, we where able to dictate the negotiations along the same terms and conditions that where achieved with the Phoenix consolidation and relocation. Eschelon has a new address at Downtown Salt Lake's premier office building, The Parkside Tower. We also where successful in gaining major sign rights on the project for Eschelon.

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