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Corporate Headquarters
101851 N. Black Canyon Rd.
Phoenix, AZ
(18,445 SF)

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) had outgrown its headquarters and wanted to consolidate its management personnel into one office building. The existing lease had not expired, but UTI decided to move the Audi program into the old office space. The space requirement was between 18,000sf and 20,000sf and needed to be located in northwest Phoenix between UTI and MMI campuses.

After an in depth market search and the issuance of RFPs to the finalist, a lease was successfully negotiated at the Southwest Gas building on the Black Canton Freeway for the entire 6th floor. Due to the large floor plate, UTI was able to get its entire operation onto one floor. The Southwest Gas building was well located between UTI’s two campuses.

Additional Assignments
UTI had contracted with Mercedes Benz to do a Custom Training graduate program in the northeast. Under the direction of Randy Smith, we were instructed to conduct its market search in Allentown, PA area. We conducted a very thorough search of the market. The Roble Road building was located. We negotiated a good economic package for UTI and a lease was executed. The Roble Road facility ended up housing not only Mercedes Benz, but also Volkswagen and Audi.

Allentown, PA 22,800 sf
759 Roble Road
Allentown, PA

Our objective is not to merely complete a transaction, but to develop a comprehensive real estate strategy that is results driven.